Cuisinier – Barta Permit PL 303 Highlights:

  • Barta Permit (part of ATP 752) is situated near the established, oil producing Cook Oil Field and connected through pipelines
  • Oil produced from the pool is ultra-light, 52° API; commands a premium to Brent benchmark pricing
  • Barta Permit approx. 2.28 MMbbls production to date with 2P oil in place of 85 MMbbls
  • Strong pricing leads to attractive operating netbacks in Cuisinier (as per historical results) and coupled with rising production potential, provides opportunity to grow cash flows
  • Continued reserves growth anticipated as drilling continues

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Other Barta opportunities – STRONG PROSPECT INVENTORY

  • Barta West – similar to Cuisinier with good oil show
    • 6 independent structures identified on 3D for exploration drilling
    • Multi-zone targets – Hutton, Murta and Permian
    • Barta West has strong exploration leads identified on 2D, with 3D to follow
  • Sparsely drilled, one of every two existing wells have had good oil shows
  • Seismic attributes identified on 2D are very similar to Cuisinier
  • Permian gas prospect also identified on 2D
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