Corporate Responsibility


Bengal’s Board of Directors is responsible for approving and enforcing all significant management decisions of the Company. There are currently six members on the Board. Please visit the Management and Directors section of this website for the names and biographical information of the members.

The Board, in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer, sets objectives for the Company and monitors management of its business and affairs with the goal of achieving the Company’s principal objectives.

The Board holds meetings quarterly to review any decisions relating to:

  • Offering of Company securities
  • Compliance with applicable laws and TSX guidelines
  • Content and accuracy of offering documents
  • Terms and amendments of the material contracts of the Company
  • All matters relating to sale or redemption of Company shares
  • Voting rights on investments within the Company
  • All matters relating to the powers and authorities of the Company, including supervision of management and compensation structure for the executive body
  • Reserves review and audit
  • Environmental health and safety audit
  • Financial statements (reviewed monthly and audited quarterly)

Our policies:

Our Mandates and Terms of Reference:

Legal Documents:

public RePORTS:


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